De Graslanden Barn...what does that name mean?

The property has a rich history, much of which we are still trying to piece together. What we do know is that the property was first settled in the early to mid 1800's. The original farm house was used as a stage coach stop for travelers between Chicago and Rockford. The farm house burned down but the barns were spared. During the years, a few different families owned the property, including some who used De Graslanden Barn for Dairy farming. One family, in the early 1900's planted many of the trees on the property- dating them to over 100 years old!


De Graslanden was placed on the barn by one of the property owners. It's meaning (in dutch):

The Grasslands

A very appropriate name as the property around Bluestem Farm is all restored prairie. Bringing the land back to it's original glory many of the early families enjoyed. 

We have come across many news stories about the area and will continue to gather as much historical information as we can. One of our favorite news stories we have come across involves the sighting of a lochness-type beast living in Goose Lake (the lake that sits next to Bluestem Farm)!

Until next time!

Kelly & Jon