A Year in Review!

We are coming up on the One year anniversary of our County Board approval- allowing Bluestem Farm to operate. Since then, a lot of planning over the winter and spring lead to a summer and fall of construction. We have been so blessed to follow our dream of opening up a beautiful barn venue in McHenry County. Here is a little Year in Review:

1. January 17th- County Board Approval

We were granted our Conditional use permit at this meeting and pretty quickly afterwards, applied for our building, septic, and stormwater permits. 

2. June 2- Building permits granted!

After several months of designing we were granted the permits to begin the work! This included a new septic system, fire sprinkler system, parking area, and all the building remodeling.

3. July- Booking began!

Starting in July we opened our 2018 calendar for booking. We wanted to be sure we would have enough time to finish our construction. We quickly started to fill our 2018 season!

4. August- Construction Begins!

After looking at several construction companies, we decided on a local company- Lansing Remodeling. Working with Cameron has been a great experience. His carpentry stills are top notch- our unique barnwood walls and small details are noticed by all of our visitors! 

5. September- December

Most of our construction and remodeling was completed in the Fall/Winter, with a few items to go into the Spring. We are finishing up our upper loft floor this winter, completing the installation of the indoor pipes for the sprinkler system, and staining the concrete floor. Once the weather warms back up we will be doing some grading work in the courtyard to prepare for the patio installation in the Spring. Landscaping and seeding work will be completed in April. 

6. January

Today we are humbled to say we have 24 couples booked for 2018. We are so excited to share our space and create the perfect wedding for each of them. As we move closer to our first wedding over Memorial Day weekend we continue to prepare and plan for some of the next phases of construction for our 2019 season.

Barn sketch color FB.jpg

Happy New Year!