S'mores Bar


S'mores Bar

from 65.00

Everyone loves the s’mores bar! Choose between our base option, gourmet or deluxe bar!

Each option will come with a rustic table, metal skewers, and glass jars, wooden crates, and rustic sign display for the fixins’

Base: Marshmallows, Hershey’s Chocolate, Graham Crackers- this is the traditional s’more- $65

Gourmet: Base plus Hershey’s special dark and white chocolates, Nutella, and peanut butter spread for a more sophisticated s’more experience! $140

Deluxe: Base & Gourmet plus chocolate and cinnamon graham crackers, gourmet raspberry, mint and salted caramel filled chocolates, raspberry jam spread, and local honey for countless s’more combinations! $250

NOTE: We will set up the S’mores bar after dinner and keep the bar fully stocked throughout the night till 10:30pm. In case of rain, we will set up the s’mores inside and marshmallow fluff will be provided so guests can still make their s’mores.

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